Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Crochet Wave Scarf

I have no excuse for not posting for so long, especially as I've been crocheting more than ever and quite involved with the SF Knitters and Crocheters Meet up group so I have plenty to talk about.  We meet 4x/month, twice in Bernal Heights and twice in the Mission.  It's a lovely group of regulars with a few newbies coming and going.  Everyone has great ideas to share.  It's so fun and inspirational and it keeps me motivated to stay on track with all of my projects.  Most of the other women are knitters but there's a few crocheters and a few who swing both ways.  Best of all, through the group, I've made a really great friend named Kristine.  We now crochet and chill together on a regular basis (outside of the group).  Coincidentally, my next door neighbor growing up was also named Kristine and she was my best crochet pal.  

I actually finished this scarf months ago but totally forgot to take photos of it.

It's based on this simple wave pattern and I mainly worked on it whenever I was riding and/or waiting for public transportation.  Although the scarf is enormous, measuring 96" x 11.5", it only took a few months to finish.  It's super warm, crocheted with a size G hook and vintage Sayelle wool and Red Heart Super Savers.  I love the way it came out and believe it or not, I actually wear these colors often!

Once the weather cools down in a month or so and I can handle heavy yarn being draped all over me, I'll start crocheting some of these for my shop.  For those who don't already know, summers in SF can be very cold!

If you want to try this pattern yourself, there's plenty of tutorials on youtube.  

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