Thursday, June 27, 2013

Work In Progress

Even though I was born in South East Asia, I grew up in Western NY.  Having spent the bulk of my existence in semi-arctic weather, summer is my least favorite season.  I simply cannot deal with extreme heat or humidity and summers in RVA are the worst!  Even though I've been down here for 3 years, I doubt I will ever truly adjust to this disgusting weather.  But the irony of summer in the South is that while most people are spanning time outdoors, I seek shelter indoors under the cool breezes of central air conditioning.  I'm extremely productive with crochet-work in the summer.  I crochet everyday and of course, I have no shortage of unfinished projects to keep me busy.  Here's a peek at two works in progress.

This is a wave patterned scarf I started yesterday.  I'm using doily yarn and very thin light weight yarn that might as well be doily yarn.  Each "wave" (set) is 14 stitches.  So to make a scarf of this width, you need to start by chaining 56 stitches + 2 for 4 sets.  3 is the magic number in this pattern.  The the basic pattern is like this for one set:

3 HDC in 1, 3 HDC on their own, 3 HDC tog, 3 HDC tog, 3 HDC on their own, 3 HDC in 1

The little variegated row is simply a double crochet stitch all the way across.

My other work in progress is what over the years, I've come to refer to as the bane of my existence.  I started making the squares for this afghan when I was still in elementary school.  Since then, I'll make a handful of squares per year but I'm laying down the law.  No more lolly-gagging.  I am finishing this afghan - THIS YEAR - if it's the last thing I do!


  1. I love how the multi color row really stands out from the yellow! Very nice!!! =)