Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bubnut Autumn Leaves Crochet Cardigan

I started this Bubnut Autumn Leaves Crochet Cardigan on February 19th, 2018.  I probably could've finished it a lot sooner but it isn't always easy to just sit down and work on a pattern that requires continuous counting with an infant.  That being said, Xena usually loves watching me crochet and she eventually falls fast asleep in the process.

The pattern calls for worsted weight Lion Brand yarn and a 5.5mm hook but with my tension I ended up using worsted weight Knit Picks Preciousa Tonal yarn and size J hook.  Among many other amazing gifts, my loving husband bought me 6 skeins of this luxurious 100% merino yarn and the yarn bowl featured in these images for X-Mas.

The pattern is worked by alternating 6 stitch sections of DCs and SCs only in the back row.  It creates a really impressive texture, especially with this yarn.

 The pattern was incredibly easy to follow and super easy to assemble.

Here we are today, visiting my family in North Tonawanda, NY (where I grew up) with Xena and the Easter Bunny at Platters Chocolate Factory.

I used the small size pattern.  My cardigan is so cozy and warm and it fits me perfectly!

I enjoyed working on this pattern so much that I'm going to start another cardigan with some periwinkle wool yarn I bought from A Verb For Keeping Warm last fall.  I can't remember the name brand ATM but I'll be sure to dig out the tag by the time I finish my next sweater!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Stitches West 2018

At the end of February, Kristine and I made our (now) 2nd annual trip to the Stitches West fiber convention in Santa Clara.

It seemed like there were even more vendors this year than last year.

Posing in our handmade items with some of our proud purchases.

Haha, this colorway is called Dunkin' Donuts!

The Hookers Corner, LOL.

I could resist buying more delicious yarn from Black Diamond.

Craftsy were giving away free skeins of yarn!  Can't wait for next year!

Craftsy Free Pattern - Mon Petit Violon Buttoned Jacket

I downloaded this free pattern from Craftsy and made an absolutely beautiful cardigan for Xena with a few alterations.  I calculated 2 typos in the digital download; you inc 5x instead of 4x on the last 2 rows of the yolk. Also, I modified the pattern for 5 buttons down the front instead of the weird giant button flaps.

I can't remember the name of this yarn but I'm pretty sure I bought it down in NOLA over the summer.

The arms are crocheted with seed stitch reductions and the body is crocheted with the mesh stitch.

I used the 3-6 month year old pattern for Xena.

A few outtakes from my WIP.

Crochet Toy Boxes

As a (now former) DJ, I've been crocheting 7" and 12" record boxes for years.  But now that I'm a SAHM, I modified the design slightly to make some toy boxes for Xena.

 The extra bonus is that the boxes perfectly slide into my Ikea Expedit shelves.

 I DC 50 stitches around 12" x 12" corrugated cardboard pieces and then SC the pieces together to form a box.  As you can see, Mommy had a little helper while she was crocheting out in the sunshine at Dolores Park.

We're so lucky to have so many beautiful places to just chill outdoors in SF.

The mermaid grew into her tail

Over the summer I finished crocheting a mermaid tail in preparation for Xena and here's our little beach baby at almost 2 months old in her hat and matching tail!

Crochet X-Mas Stockings

Xena arrived 16 days after her due date (11/29).  Although I (finally) started going into labor naturally at home on 12/12, I was induced on 12/13 and she was born just after midnight on 12/14.  I started making us stockings on 12/12 and due to her arrival date, I was unable to finish this project by X-Mas.  So far I've finished 2 and I have 1 more to go so we have a total of 3 for Xena, Mom and Dad.  Better luck next year!

Start in a round of 12 DC's to create your foundation circle.

 Alternate X-mas colors in a granny hexagon.

On the final row, SC around the edge of each medallion.

Assemble the medallions like honeycombs in a hive to create your stocking.

 I double crocheted a few rows on the top of my stocking, then DC-ed a hook on the edge and simply embroidered Xena's name on the side with a darning needle.

Xena's such a tiny little newborn in this photo!

I also crocheted matching ornaments.

Progress on the 2nd stocking.  I'll photograph all 3 together once I've finished the last one.

Crochet gifts for friends and family

Super soft baby beanies crocheted in Madeline Tosh Mandala, ooh la la!

By only working the back row on alternating rows, you can create a great ribbed texture.

I've seen so many different patterns for convertible mittens but I've always had minor issues with them, so I created my own pattern.  

Jenny's vegan so I made her a hat with matching gloves in acrylic yarn.  I was in the third trimester when I finished this project and basically all I could do at this point was sit and crochet!

Jenny modeling her hat and mittens at home in Chicago and outdoors when she came to visit me recently and we were hiking in Muir Woods.

I crocheted convertible mittens for both of my sister-in-laws with the breathtaking hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn from The Wool Room.  I used my husband as a hand model since he has similar shaped hands to his sisters.