Friday, November 11, 2016

Get your beanie on!

I was supposed to meet up with a woman (whom I came into contact with via a local knitting and crochet forum) to show her how to crochet a beanie tonight but she flaked out.  After texting with her briefly, I gathered that she was a novice crocheter so in preparation for today's meet up, last night I dug out some chunky yarn and a big hook (size H) and crocheted a sample beanie to use as an example.  Many areas of the country are already well into beanie season.  Personally I love hats and I love crocheting beanies because they are so versatile, quick, easy and fun to make.

In my office downtown, excuse the mess in the background.

This is a great project that if you crochet as fast as me, you can bang out in 1-2 hours flat.  You really only need about 170 yards of medium-thick yarn (1-3 skeins) plus some extra yarn for your pom pom, a darning needle, measuring tape and size H hook.  Skill wise, if you can chain, crochet and HDC, or if you've ever made a scarf, you can make a beanie.

Simple Crochet Beanie Instructions

1) Measure the diameter around your forehead and over your ears (where you want the bottom of your beanie to rest).  You can take this literally or figuratively but I have a big head - 22" around!  Put that number to the side.  

2) Measure the length from your forehead to the top of the back of your skull (where the pom pom will rest on the top of your beanie).  Add 2-3" to that measurement if you want a folded brim on your beanie.  I measured 12" (9" + 3" for a brim) for my head.

3) So it really doesn't matter what tension or yarn you use because all you need to do is chain the length from step # 2 (i.e. 12").  

4) Then you just crochet or HDC like you're making a scarf until you get to the length from step #1 (i.e. 22").  

5) Once you get that far, you connect the "scarf" to create your beanie with a darning needle.  Then when you get to the end of the row, you weave/sew the edges together and pull the yarn taught to create the top of your beanie.  Leave a little excess yarn after you tie off so you have something to tie your pom pom on with.  Hide all of the tails inside of the beanie.

6) Make your pom pom, tie it on and shizzam!

I had so much fun finishing that little project that I decided to start another beanie with some absolutely gorgeous Galway 100% wool and size F hook using the ribbed stitch.  This is a beautiful stitch that creates a fine texture and contrast.

Have a great weekend!

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