Monday, November 10, 2014

Going back to Cali!

Many of my followers may not be aware that I used to live in San Francisco from 1996-1998.  It's one of my favorite cities on Earth!  It's such a beautiful, colorful, dynamic and exciting place. I loved living there in my late teens but at the time, I simply couldn't afford it.  I was also eager to explore other cities and ended up living in many different places since then but I never stopped missing the Bay Area and wondering when/if I would ever live there again.  Anyway, when the opportunity recently arose for me to relocate back to the West Coast I immediately embraced it with open arms.

This coming weekend I will begin my cross-country relocation.  It's going to be quite an endevour since I'm driving a 24' moving truck and towing my car across the country.  Since it's the holiday season I'm keeping my shop open during the move but my ability to ship orders will be limited through Friday, November 14 - Wednesday, November 26.  Hopefully by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, everything will be back up and running at full force.  And if you live on the West Coast, you can expect to receive your orders that much quicker in the very near future. 

Once I am settled in SF, I will be putting a lot more time and effort into broadening the philatelic focus within my shop.  I also (still) have a ton of vintage ephemera to process, mountains of magazines!  Stay tuned for more details and updates!