Sunday, February 8, 2015

Orange is the New Black

I've had numerous requests for custom crochet sweater vests lately.  They are so much fun to make and their unique design has a real slimming effect.  If you're handy with your hook, you can easily make them to order based on anyone's personal measurements.  I love how contemporary fashion has embraced this classic vintage style but with a modern twist!

A small/petite sweater takes less than a skein of the color you're using least (ex.) the white in the image above) and about a l lb skein of each of the primary alternating colors (ex.) orange and blue).  It's best to use soft yet durable flexible yarn, like organic wool.

Only 2 different stitches are required to make this sweater: HDC (half double crochet) and crochet to finish the edges and connect the granny squares.  If you know how to make a granny square (and you can learn from a tutorial posted right here on this blog a few years ago - scroll waaay down), you can make this sweater yourself.

Perhaps the only real tricky part is connecting the front and back of the sweater and crocheting consistently so both sides match.  Oh and I did mention that I'm a Syracuse Orange fan?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Wonderful World of Fabric Washi Tape

Boo-yah!  All of my new fabric washi tape inventory is finally officially uploaded to my shop.  There are over 40 different new styles and patterns and over 70 different varieties to choose from overall!