Monday, October 7, 2013


Rock on crafty people! Can you believe that October is already here?! Well, it's pretty obvious by my lack of updating that yet another busy autumn is under way. I currently have a lot of projects on the horizon but unfortunately, everything is still so far from being finished that I'm not quite ready to start bragging about them yet. So in the meantime, here's some pretty origami imagery from the Asian Inspiration scrapbooking kits that I assembled for my etsy shop over the weekend.

Mini satellite flowers.  These really pop with full 3-D effect.

I love the way the square posies look before they're full assembled.  Someday I'll get around to making a textured collage with a bunch of them.

Finished posies in all of their bold and beautiful symmetry.
Does anyone else love Bonchon Korean fried chicken as much as I do?
These paper kokeshi dolls are so much fun!

That's all for now.  Back to the grind but I hope to be back with a more substantial update sooner than later!

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