Thursday, March 14, 2013

Erin Lynn at Belladonna's Ragdoll

Greetings all.  As per usual, I've been away from my virtual desk for far too long.  For the past month plus, I've been on the road, travelling pretty much non-stop.  Now I'm finally back home and getting into my usual groove with no shortage of new stock to process.  So keep your eyes peeled on my shop, brand new items are being listed daily.

In the meantime, I would like to bring a new Etsian to your crafty-eyed attention.  She's one of my most enthusiastic customers and a real sweetheart with a lust for life and passion for crafting.  A young mom herself, Erin Lynn, was inspired to create by her mother, an elementary school teacher.  She's based down in Tallahassee, FL and with the loving assistance of her brother and fiance, she's been adding a fantastic combination of philatelic inspired and beaded creations to her shop on a regular basis.  I really admire her versatility and use of different shapes and textures, especially when using stamps. 

Not only does Erin create finished products ready to wear and ultilize but she also makes and sells her own supplies like handmade stamp beads.

Best of luck to Erin!  Keep up the good work!

To view more items from Erin's shop, click here !

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