Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Snail Mail contribution & 4,000 sales!

Today marks a very important event in the history of my etsy shop.  Since my shop opened in the spring of 2010, today I finally made my 4,000th sale!  I want to thank everyone who has helped support my shop over the years.  While most of my sales have been philatelic and ephemeral in nature, many have also been handmade.  Since I'm still in the process of completing my latest crochet projects let's celebrate with a few images of some of my favorite and most popular rainbow colored vintage stamp sets in the meantime.  My handpicked one of a kind collections have offered inspiration to thousands of crafters and philatelists over the years and I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to continue sharing this joy and creativity around the world for many more years to come.

Finnish philately - Suomi to Finns.

A Royal Rainbow.  These colorful British Machins are so popular, I can barely ever keep them in stock.
Recently, an Australian customer of mine contacted me after making a few purchases.  She's writing a book on (one of my favorite subjects) snail mail.  She wanted to include an image of the package and contents of what she purchased from my shop in her book and also asked me to send her another contribution.  Below are images of what I sent her along with some outgoing mail for other etsy customers.  Incase you're curious about how my small sales items are packaged, all customers who purchase 1-2 stamp sets from my shop receive calligraphy embellished envelopes covered in vintage US philately as featured here.

Don't just send an ordinary greeting.  Show someone you really care by embellishing your mail with colorful, memorable vintage stamps!

For more information on Michelle's book project and a daily does of all things cute and colorful, she's: michellemackinstosh on Instagram and michellemackintosh.tumblr.com

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