Saturday, November 9, 2013

1960s US Philately

Business-wise, this is generally the beginning of the busiest time of the year for my etsy shop.  However, admittedly, this year has gotten off to a slower start than usual.  I shouldn't and don't want to complain though since on an annual basis, my business continues to grow.  I mainly just blame the shaky economy.  I'm extremely thankful for the steady business that I have and I'm especially appreciative of my loyal and enthusiastic customers.  But let's not forget the new customers either!  In spite of all of the competition out there, I know I've created something really special and unique and I'm so pleased that 930+ Etsians have favorited my shop.  Now I wonder how long it'll take me to break 1,000.

I recently acquired a fairly comprehensive collection of US philately from the 1960s.  I've spent the past weeks sorting through everything and after endless hours of sorting, labeling and organizing, I've finally processed the bulk of the collection.

Can you blame me for drinking a little wine in the process?

Here's a few close ups of some of my favorite sets.

Wood Ducks, Scott 1362.

Johnny Appleseed, Scott 1317.

Mississippi Statehood, Scott 1337.

Homemakers, Scott 1253.

Bill of Rights, Scott 1312.

I'll be back very soon with an update on a really cool custom crochet project I've been working on!

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