Friday, October 12, 2012

Washi Tape Craft Ideas

For those of you who don't already know Korean or Japanese Washi Tape is all the rage in arts & crafts, mail art and scrapbooking circles these days.  For years it was very difficult and expensive to acquire.  The colors and styles were very limited.  Finally I've secured a direct resource for the tape and it is now available to purchase in my etsy shop!  Starting today I'm selling a variety of fabric based washi tape rolls.  This tape is made of fabric and looks and feels like cotton ribbon.  Today I just listed a rainbow of polka dotted shades and over the weekend I will list a variety of fun and fresh floral patterns.  I still have nearly 30 different patterns to list so please keep checking back for new items.  I hope to have everything up by Monday.

Washi tape is an extremely versatile adhesive.  It's very similar to masking tape but lighter and more flexible [forgiving].  If at first you apply it incorrectly, it's easy to correct and reapply without damaging whatever surface you're working on.  It's especially fun to work with because it looks so cute!

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with washi tape:

Don't just wrap your presents with it.  Wrap it all around your presents!  Criss-cross it and cut it with pendant edges.  Embellish your own handmade paper ribbons and bows with it.  Add a colorful splash to your gift tags.  Use it to seal envelopes and embellish your own stationery.  The possibilities are endless! 

In the future I will be carrying many more patterns, colors and styles of washi tape so stay tuned and thanks for looking!

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