Monday, July 16, 2012

Akino Sato on Iichi

I love handmade goods from all around world.  Maybe it's because I'm Korean that I have some sort of natural affinity with Japan but when I see crafts handmade from Japan, I love them even that much more. 

Stamp pendants seem to be all the rage these days.  You can wear a whole bunch of them as charms or make one simple personal statement with one representing the country you are from or special memories from a place you have visited.  A lot of my customers make pendants but these particular ones are made by one of my favorite etsy customers.  She was one of my first customers from when I first opened my shop and I've really enjoyed doing business with her through the years.

At the moment she is only doing business in Japan.  You can view her Iichi shop HERE .

I really like how Akino incorporated stamps into the gift wrap tags for her items.  You can easily create your own stamp gift tags with a punch, some stamps, card stock, a whole puncher and some twine.

Best of luck to Akino and her shop!